Nadine Peyrieras

Title: Photonic microscopy imaging of living tissues and organisms

PhD 1986 in Biochemistry (Pasteur Institute, ENS Cachan). 1986-1994, CNRS junior research fellow (François Jacob’lab, Pasteur Institute), then at IBDML (Christo Goridis’lab, Marseille), before joining Frederic Rosa’s lab (ENS 1995-2005). NP launched the “Genetic Networks and Cell Morphodynamics” team in 2005 in Gif-sur-Yvette. The BioEmergences laboratory (2015-present) explores the reconstruction of Multilevel Dynamics in Embryonic Morphogenesis from in vivo imaging data. NP co-organized courses and conferences in the context of the international community of complex systems science, today gathered in the Unitwin UNESCO Complex Systems Digital Campus

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